The Kids are All Right: Play-In Offers Up Some Big Fun to the Little Ones

Looking for a safe and kid-friendly environment for your child to grow, play, and learn while you check out the amazing Wynwood Walls? Play-In’s the place for you. The multi-sensory activity center incorporates all aspects of playtime, hearing, seeing, and touching, with the help of its indoor playground that aims to help children with their balance and confidence. The space is much more creative and innovative than your typical park playground – featuring different equipment for  your child to swing from, build up, and glide down. Play-In also offers a wide array of therapies for children, including speech, occupational, behavioral, physical, and recreational therapy.

Happy Hour starts at 4pm and goes through 7pm, where parents pay just $10 for each child and get three hours to wind-down in Wynwood.

The activity center also offers yoga, music, art, and gymnastics, as well as summer camps, mini-gallery nights, and Friday movie night. During the mini-gallery nights, feel free to drop your child off at Play-In while you enjoy Art Walk from 7pm-10pm for $30 per child. Friday movie night is $35, and includes access to the Play-In playground, a movie, pizza, and juice.

For more information, please call 305.576.7604, or visit Play-In’s Website.


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