ArtPlace May Question: Reflections

Wynwood Mural Photo courtesy of Michelle Eve
Wynwood Mural
Photo courtesy of Michelle Eve

Artplace: Now that you are coming to the end of your ArtPlace grant period take a moment to think over the  past year. What advice would you give to the new grantees? How would you encourage new grantees to leverage their ArtPlacegrants for maximum effect?

David: To be open to new ideas and collaborations, and to build relationships.  It’s important to understand that the power of the grant relies on its ability to build networks and relationships that most likely wouldn’t have happened without it.  It also allows for thinking outside of the box and pursuing other projects and collaborations.  You get to hear what people want.  At first you might go in thinking, we need to improve security and sanitation, but when you let others speak up, you’ll find out that they have very creative solutions to problems, such as artist-designed trash receptacles or benches – things you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

Because you get the opportunity to work with people that you wouldn’t have expected to, you end up with better results because of the ideas and suggestions each person can bring to the table.  As for the networking, you build relationships that last a lifetime.  Some people who have met because of the grant project end up doing business deals long after the grant is up!


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