CNN Features Wynwood Ways Project

There’s been a lot of buzz about the new project happening in Wynwood called Wynwood Ways, which aims to help the District grow and develop as a more pedestrian-friendly destination. The project, a collaboration between Miami Biennale and the Wynwood Arts District Association (WADA), got some time in the limelight with an interview via CNN on Monday, April 29.

The first step of the project is complete. Miami Biennale and WADA teamed up with artist Maestro Carlos Cruz-Diez to create the area’s first artistic crosswalk. It features a kinetic design that actually changes as the pedestrian crosses. The crosswalk is dedicated to visionary Tony Goldman.

“We’re at a moment where we’re trying to secure funding in order to make sure that the project is successfully completed,” says Jose Nava of WADA. “It’s important to note that this is an ongoing collaboration, and has tons of potential to transform this area of the city.” The project is expected to increase to 31 intersections and include other forms of new pedestrian infrastructure such as waste receptacles and bike lanes.


“We want Wynwood to be a place that is welcoming to pedestrians and has a focus on culture,” says Nava.

-Story and Photos by Aisha Moktadier


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