ArtPlace November Question

The Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Arts District is currently entering our BID formation process. As part of this process, we will be entering an exciting new period in our urban development evolution. As a Business Improvement District, Wynwood will be able to develop its urban infrastructure and explore services that will ensure a safer and more pedestrian-friendly District.

ArtPlace spoke with Jose Nava-Lujambio, Executive Administrator for the Wynwood Arts District Association, about the BID Formation Process and the importance of good relationships for the success of their initiative.

ARTPLACE: Have you gained any political traction with your efforts?  If so, with whom and how did you do it?

JOSE: Yes, we have gained political traction with our Wynwood BID initiative by reaching out and meeting with some key political individuals and their staff, including Mayor Tomas Regalado, City Manager Johnny Martinez, City Commissioner Michelle Spence Jones, and City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, as well as other key Administrators in the City and County’s office. Our Wynwood BID Project Director, David Collins, makes it a priority to reach out and update both politicians and their staffs to make sure they understand what is going on in the moment as it happens. This continuous communication is critical in the success of the project as these politicians feel that they are part of a process of community improvement. When property owners and stakeholders self-invest in their community this is very appealing to politicians because it makes their City and County a better place. Ultimately the formation of the Business Improvement District should empower us to speak with one voice as a commercial community.


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