ArtPlace September Question

The Wynwood Arts District is currently entering our BID formation process. As part of this process, we will be entering an exciting new period in our urban development evolution. As a Business Improvement District, Wynwood will be able to develop its urban infrastructure and explore services that will ensure a safer and more pedestrian-friendly District.

ArtPlace spoke with Jose Nava-Lujambio, Representative and Executive Administrator from the Wynwood Arts District Association, about the BID Formation Process.

ARTPLACE: Is there a new challenge that engaging in creative placemaking presents for you, your organization and the artists who work with you?  Are there new skills required?

JOSE: I believe that the most critical new challenge will be to develop and expand our facilitation skills in the areas of listening and then synthesizing the diverse opinions of all Wynwood stakeholders. As we enter the formation process of the Wynwood BID, we expect that all the business-owners and stakeholders in Wynwood will become very engaged and active in the process – everyone will have something to say and they will demand that their voices are heard. So far, I’ve heard all sorts of requests and suggestions of what people want to see in the District and, despite the fact that people may have different approaches, there is a general consensus of what they expect to see in Wynwood as it continues to evolve.

The idea is also that, as we develop the underlying strategy for the urban development of the neighborhood, we do so in a sustainable and communal fashion. We need to get everyone in the community involved, commissioning local artists and builders to be integrated in the further developments of the District while keeping in mind the greater and longer-term goals of this initiative.

Regarding the new skills required, well, this is a learning process for all of us and I think that we are all gaining the skills on how to cooperate and work together for the betterment and improvement of this community. Being the fact that Wynwood is an Arts District, we have to engage the local artists in this development so that we don’t lose the arts component as we become a Business Improvement District. Ultimately, the BID formation process will empower our community to speak with one clear voice.


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